Business Account Setup

Setting up a Business Account is a necessary first step in getting your business noticed. You’ll get access to bulk Pin creation and Pinterest ads, as well as Pinterest analytics — which allows you to understand your audience and identify your top-performing content.

Business Account Setup

$ 299

one-time payment

This service is for you if you:

• Are new to Pinterest and need a Pinterest Business Account

• Want to convert a Personal Account to a Business Account

Here’s what we do for you:

✓ Setup Business Account and verify your website 

✓ Enable Pinterest Analytics

✓ Create keyword-optimized profile

✓ Enable Rich Pins

✓ Follow 50 influencers in your niche

✓ Create 10 keyword-optimized Boards

✓ Add 15 Pins to each Board

✓ Create 10 branded Board covers

✓ Request to join 5 relevant high-traffic Group Boards

✓ Request to join 5 niche Tailwind Communities

Sample Image Pins



How do you create these Pins?

We use Canva Pro to help us design and create your pins. We want your pins to be branded and unique to your site. Because of this, we create a template for your site and use it as a guide for every pin we make. Your pins need to tell a story, and the aim is that once a user becomes familiar with your brand, your pins will stand out amongst the rest because of their fluidity and professional appearance.

Do I have the license for the images?

We only use fully licensed stock images to create pins. All of the images we use are licensed.

How long do I have to wait to see the results?

Your new or improved Pinterest account will certainly create an instant buzz around your content. We will send you monthly reports with detailed data and statistics that clearly show how well your account is doing. You are more than welcome to contact us with questions and requests throughout the month. Our service is as dynamic as your business, so please stay in touch and let us know what you think! 

Why is Pinterest good for marketing?

Putting your content onto Pinterest exposes it to its millions of users. Pinterest had over 416 million users last year, and it is expected to grow even more this year. It all comes down to exposure; the more people you can reach, the better, and Pinterest allows bloggers and content creators to reach their target market in just a few clicks.


How do you decide what to design them like?

Every category on Pinterest has very different trends when it comes to pin designs. We are always assessing what is working well and what isn’t so that we make it as appealing as possible to your target audience when it comes to creating your design. 

We work closely with our clients to create templates that portray their brand as they imagined, all while keeping within Pinterest’s guidelines and using subtle marketing techniques to boost views.

What sizes do you create?

We create pins according to the recommendations made by the platform. A pin ratio of 2:3 is recommended for the majority of the pins.

How will I know that I’m reaching the right target market for my content?

Our team knows how important it is to get your content seen by your targeted audience group, which is why we tailor our approach to suit your business. We have been trained fully on keeping up with the ever-changing Pinterest algorithm and adapting our strategy to push your content.