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Pinterest Management

Pinterest Traffic Increase

Are You Using The Power Of Pinterest To Get More Traffic?

Maybe you’re already using Pinterest but don’t have the time to manage it?


Maybe you’ve been contemplating setting up a Pinterest account since you’ve heard how powerful it is?


Maybe you’ve never heard of Pinterest but you need help growing your online presence?

Don't Miss Out On Extra Traffic, Leads & Income!

The fact is that if you’re blogger, an entrepreneur or a small business owner, and you haven’t yet discovered the power of Pinterest, then you’re missing out on traffic, leads and income!


Yes. We know it’s very time consuming, and the learning curve is a big one. You simply can’t do everything by yourself when you have so many other things you need to do to invest in your business. As the saying goes, “you can do anything, but you can’t do everything!”


So if you’re struggling with juggling it all then it’s time to check out our packages. There is no long term contract, just a thirty day commitment in which I promise you, you’ll see results.

Let Us Help You Grow Your Traffic, Get More Leads And Multiply Your Income

Pinterest can be fun if it’s a hobby, but if you’re trying to master Pinterest to grow your traffic, get more leads and multiple your income, then it can easily become frustrating, confusing and even boring.


A few Pinterest stats if you’re still on the fence about utilizing Pinterest for your business:

90 percent of weekly users use Pinterest to make purchase decisions
59 percent of millennials have discovered products on Pinterest
High-income and educated US households are twice as likely to use Pinterest as low-income and less educated US households
85 percent of women users use Pinterest to plan “life moments”
98 percent of users go out and try the ideas they find on Pinterest
Pinterest users spend 29 percent more while shopping than non-users

Case studies are really important, not because we want to brag about our success stories, but we do want to show you how we’ve helped others and how we can do the same (or even better) for you. Check out the below in depth case studies and see how we managed to grow these two sites. Each from their very own and very different perspective.

Case Study #1

This is a site that had been on Pinterest for about a year or so, with almost zero traffic and impressions.  We were hired to get more presence on Pinterest with the clients brand and to try to start getting constant traffic. We took the site under our wing in the beginning of June, and as you can see, within 3 months we grew the account’s Pinterest metrics to between 100% and 300%.


Below are the number of click throughs that the site got from it’s pins in the first 3 months since we helped to manage it.  The drop in numbers at the end of July was actually due to a technical problem with the site itself.

Case Study #2

This site was well established in Pinterest before we started helping them. The client turned to us to ask for help in getting more traffic to their site and a bigger Pinterest audience. They’d kind of reached a stand still with Pinterest. We started our services in June, and as you can see from June until the end of August we managed to grow their engaged audience by 36% compared to the previous 3 months. Also the impressions where up by 32%, and engagements up by 41%.


Below are the number of click throughs that the site got from it’s pins from May until September. We started working with this client in June.  As you can see the amount of traffic has grown quite considerably and continues to grow.  Needless to say a very happy client

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Pinterest Monthly Maintenance & Growth Packages

Below is a list of our Pinterest monthly maintenance packages. If you would like to choose the ‘hands off’ option and let us do the work for you then these packages are for you!

Most Frequent Questions

Yep, we each sign a contract to protect BOTH parties, and ensure that the services agreed upon and reimbursement is met without any misunderstandings. This contract includes a 30 day notice cancellation policy.

In order to see results we recommend using this service for at least 6 months. Pinterest is a slow moving platform and it can take a few months to get things really moving. A six month window gives us enough time to evaluate your account and see what is working and what is not working for you.

Theoretically you don’t. But we recommend that you do have your own website if you’re planning on investing in Pinterest management, as a website is a vital component to measure and scale your success.

Yes. This service is included in our monthly maintenance and growth packages. Or can be purchased separately.

When we start working together, we will ask you questions about your brand in detail, and request access to your Google Analytics. This allows us to analyse which pins are bringing the most traffic to your site and scale accordingly. We also create a list of urls/pins from your site so that we can track which pins we have created for each URL and see what is working and what isn’t.

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