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Let Us Help You Grow Your Traffic, Get More Leads And Multiply Your Income

Pinterest can be fun if it’s a hobby, but if you’re trying to master Pinterest to grow your traffic, get more leads and multiple your income, then it can easily become frustrating, confusing and even boring.


A few Pinterest stats if you’re still on the fence about utilizing Pinterest for your business:

part one

How Social Media Affects SEO

There has always been a debate about how social media affects SEO. A lot of that debate missed the point.


The question is not whether “social signals” are a ranking factor. 


The real question is, how does user behavior affect SEO?


And then the next question is, how can social traffic help with that?

part two

Why You Need Traffic

Pinterest traffic is great not only because more traffic is always better.


It’s also great because if you’re struggling to get SEO traffic, you can grow your Pinterest traffic at the same time. This brings engagement, positive user metrics, and returning visitors..all things that Google loves.


What people often don’t think about, is that more traffic gives Google more data about your site, which leads to improved SEO rankings.


In short, Pinterest traffic is not just good in the ways that traffic is always good, but because it can ALSO contribute to SEO traffic.

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We Can Grow Your Pinterest Traffic

Whether you have an existing account, or need us to start you a brand new one, we can grow your account.


We create beautiful pins, interesting boards, and then we analyze what is working and what isn’t.


We check your Pinterest analytics to double down on the most successful pins, and drive your traffic, and engagement to new levels.


When that happens, your traffic quality increases, and the SEO benefits kick in too.

Leverage Pinterest to drive more traffic to your website

Not only will you drive more social traffic, and drive more organic traffic as a result....your competitors aren't doing this.

Pinterest Set Up & Management

What's Inside Our Bronze Pinterest Package

Whether you have an existing page, or need us to create you one, we have you covered


What's included in our work

We have two packages on offer, our Business Account setup package, and our Bronze monthly maintenance package.


We’ll make sure you have an account that is fully populated with highly engaging pins, categories relevant to your niche, and an account that is ready to start driving traffic.


If you hire us to, we’ll also do the work driving that traffic. We analyze what is working and what needs improving, and set about a monthly plan to pin daily, growing your account over time. It’s not instant, but it works.

Engaging Pins
People love

Pinterest is a search engine, but it’s also an inspiration machine. People click on pins they love. We create beautiful pins.

Autopilot Pinning & Management

We do everything for you and check the results, then adjust and double down as necessary.

Traffic Growth & Double Growth

First your pinterest traffic grows, then your SEO traffic grows. It’s a win-win.

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What users have to say

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Avi Tayar
Avi Tayar
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If you know Boardbooster and Tailwind, I've used those to improve my Pinterest traffic to no avail. A friend told me about your services, and I decided to make one final push and give your service a shot. Digitally Approved did a detailed site analysis and I am also subscribed to their monthly Pinterest maintenance service. My views are beating the numbers I got the previous day. I have seen a hike in my numbers like I never thought was possible on Pinterest. I am so happy! What a leverage I've got without needing to break the bank. If you're on the fence about spending money on another strategy, this is your saving grace.
Chaya Ben Baruch
Chaya Ben Baruch
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I owe more than great gratitude to the team at Digitally Approved for providing effective solutions to all of my Pinterest troubles. I was previously following generic branding and scheduling techniques, but it wasn't difficult to see that something was definitely missing. I knew there must be a strategy to Pinterest that nobody was talking about and that's exactly what I got at Digitally Approved. My traffic has doubled in less than a month, and their service has completely upgraded the way I see and use the platform. I can't praise your services enough
Hayley King
Hayley King
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The Pins I got from this website for my page have been transformational. My clicks have increased by 1000%! Practically in a week! In that time, the team at Digitally Approved was on hand with any questions I had. I no longer perceive it as just a social media platform or a search engine. There is always a human factor, and your pins were obviously created with that in mind. 75% of the traffic to my blog are from Pinterest. Thanks for these refreshing pins that have skyrocketed my viewers' engagement. I will be spreading the good news about the wonderful services you offer
Jennifer Cohen
Jennifer Cohen
Read More
These guys have been helping manage my Pinterest, and I love the results so far. I appreciate that they gave copious details into achieving success rather than just blab about making a pin, posting it and watching it grow. I love to learn and have already paid quite a lot for Pinterest resources that were a total waste of time. Thanks for getting into all of the HOWs and WHYs, your techniques are exemplary. Bless the day I found you online
Leah ​Kirby
Leah ​Kirby
Read More
Digitally Approved stands alone in their ability to help bloggers, even newbies with proven Pinterest management services. I've made my comparisons, and the difference is crystal clear. Over the past couple of months, I've grown from 0 to 6k followers. My page views are on the up, and I keep getting new subscribers daily. It can be difficult to determine who to trust as a new blogger, and at a time when lots of these so-called social media management websites make promises to take your money, Digitally Approved professionalism and honesty is a breath of fresh air. I will recommend them without thinking even once
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Frequently Asked Questions
Yep, we each sign a contract to protect BOTH parties, and ensure that the services agreed upon and reimbursement is met without any misunderstandings. This contract includes a 30 day notice cancellation policy.
In order to see results we recommend using this service for at least 6 months. Pinterest is a slow moving platform and it can take a few months to get things really moving. A six month window gives us enough time to evaluate your account and see what is working and what is not working for you.
Yes. This service is included in our monthly maintenance and growth packages. Or can be purchased separately.
When we start working together, we will ask you questions about your brand in detail, and request access to your Google Analytics. This allows us to analyse which pins are bringing the most traffic to your site and scale accordingly. We also create a list of urls/pins from your site so that we can track which pins we have created for each URL and see what is working and what isn’t.
Pinterest Monthly Maintenance & Growth Packages

Below is a list of our Pinterest monthly maintenance packages. If you would like to choose the ‘hands off’ option and let us do the work for you then these packages are for you!


The Monthly solution is our Bronze pin package, plus we’ll set up your account for you for free. What’s more, if you buy 5 months, the 6th month is free.

account setup

$ 299
  • Sign Up For Pinterest Business Account
  • Verify Domain & Enable Pinterest Analytics
  • Set Up Key Word Optimized Profile
  • Apply For & Enable Rich Pins
  • Follow 50 Influencers
  • Create 10 Key Word Optimized Boards
  • Add 15 Pins To Each Board
  • Create 10 Branded Board Covers

account setup & BRONZE pins PACKAGE

$ 299/mo
  • Everything In Biz Setup
  • Buy 5 Months Get 1 Free
  • 10 New Pins Created Per Month
  • 10 KW Rich SEO Optimized Pin Descriptions
  • Tailwind Account Set Up
  • Management Of Tailwind Tribes & Smart Loops
  • 300+ Pins Per Month (Tailwind)
  • Board Organization & Optimization
  • Additional New Boards & KW Rich Board Descriptions As Necessary
  • 24/7 Email Support
  • Monthly Analytics Report
save $598