How to use Pinterest in a unique way

How to Use Pinterest in a Unique Way

We all want our Pinterest account to stand out amongst the rest, and therefore we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to throw our ideas out there and hope that our users connect with them.

Most of us forget in the excitement of the process that our job is to find a solution for the user’s problem.

Pinterest is an inspirational platform.

Users see it as a place they can go to get new ideas and inspiration that will help them in various ways.

This is great because it means that Pinterest is relevant in every field.

Whether you are a designer, chef, food blogger, photographer, fashionista, musician, or anything else for that matter, you should incorporate the following ideas into your Pinterest page.

Use the tips and tricks in this blog to take your Pinterest account to the next level.

Show Examples of Your Work

Is there any better way to advertise your work than to show examples of what you can do?

Whether you are an artist, interior designer, fashionista, or food blogger, you should utilize Pinterest to showcase why you are unique in your line of work.

This is particularly good for people looking to sell a product or service.

It is important for you to remember that pinners don’t like to feel like they are being sold to, so simply displaying a poster or pricing list on your Pinterest page will not do you any favors.

Instead, show the user how your items look on a model, how the recipe is put together, or show them some of your interior design creations to get them to trust you first.

Show Multiple Options for One Solution

People love feeling like they are getting something that is great value for money, whether it is a service or a product, which is why showing multiple uses for one solution is important.

For example, if you are a fashion blogger or a jewelry salesman, you should showcase one item with various outfits and styles to show versatility.

You can also do this if you are a food blogger or artist by photographing your artwork in multiple rooms and settings, or you can also show how many side dishes complement the main course recipe that you want to promote.

The more solutions your viewers can get for one specific problem, the more they trust your ideas and opinions, and they will look for more on your page.

Use Video Pins to Preview Content

Do you think that you are using video pins to benefit your page?

Video pins are short snippets of content that need to be used to entice people to click through your post and onto your page.

Use it as a preview by showing a teaser of what the users can find on your main page.

Pinterest users are very drawn to video content when it is done well, and as long as your video tells a story, it will do very well.

Don’t forget to add some text on the video pin, maybe in the form of a call to action and an arrow, so that the user remembers to click through to the rest of the content.

Step-By-Step Pin

Everyone loves seeing something come together, especially people struggling with a particular problem.

Step-by-step pins can show a recipe coming together, a piece of art being created, arts and crafts creations, and more.

There are plenty of ways to do this, and you can certainly experiment to see which of the step-by-step pins work for your target audience.


Do you still have a few questions that need answering regarding using Pinterest uniquely and interestingly?

Here is a frequently asked questions section for you to look through that should help you out.

Feel free to contact us directly too; we are more than happy to help you on your Pinterest journey.  Just reach out to

Q: How can beginners make money on Pinterest?

A: Pinterest can be used as a marketing tool that will help promote your business.

Suppose you are a beginner to Pinterest marketing.

In that case, you need to ensure that you stay consistent, pin frequently, use the right SEO strategy, and showcase useful content for your target audience in order to see a monetary return.

Q: How do I know if Pinterest has changed its algorithm?

A: Like many social media platforms, Pinterest changes its algorithm more often than you would like without even letting you know that it has happened.

You will notice this as a decrease in followers and general pin interaction.

The best way to stay on top of this and stop it from affecting your business is by using a Pinterest marketing management company to manage your account and stay on top of changes.

Q: How do I know if my Pinterest account is doing well?

A: You can use Pinterest analytics to assess whether your account performs well and lives up to your expectations.

You should also compare Pinterest data with Google Analytics for your main website to see that it drives more traffic onto your site and grows your business.

Q: How many Pinterest boards should I have?

A: Pinterest is all about staying relevant and answering a user’s question most quickly and easily.

There isn’t a maximum or a minimum number of boards recommended by Pinterest, but you should have around 10 in order to offer a satisfactory amount of content and solutions to your users.

Let us know about your Pinterest marketing strategy, and let our team of professionals improve your business now!  Just contact me and help you out with any questions you may have:

Why You Shouldn’t Throw In The Towel When Pinterest Changes It’s Algorithm (AGAIN)

Why You Shouldn’t Throw In The Towel When Pinterest Changes Its Algorithm (AGAIN)

Pinterest marketing can be very frustrating at times, especially when you think you just got the hang of it and you’re slowly but surely climbing the Pinterest Serps and your pins are finally being seen and you’re getting some decent engagement…..  




You’re knocked out of the race (or so it may seem) only to be told that all of those ‘best practices’ you’ve been doing are now outdated and Pinterest has again updated their algorithm.  


That wouldn’t be so bad if Pinterest were a little more transparent and told you what they want from you, but their vague hints into the ‘new’ best practices leave you feeling like you might not understand their language anymore (nevermind try to make sense of it!).


They are 100% dropping the ball with communication and sending majorly mixed messages. 


Here at Digitally Approved, we’re not getting wrapped up in it. For the most part, nothing has changed – they’ve just reinforced their desire for “new”.


We *get* that they can’t say exactly how they rank pins. And even if they wanted to it would probably change before they even communicated it. And we understand they can’t give detailed advice to individual accounts.




What we DO know is that Pinterest most definitely works because we HAVE seen the results.


In fact, the potential traffic that Pinterest can send you is high quality and you can get lots of it at a much faster rate than you could with Google. 


We also know that it’s not good to put all our eggs in one basket.  Especially when you have an internet business, or actually any business, it’s a very good practice to diversify your traffic and income.  I think this makes sense now more than ever with the world being in such a vulnerable insecure place. 


So how do you keep spinning on that hamster wheel when it feels like you’re not being productive?



First of all, you need to remember that Pinterest is a Search Engine and not a Social Media Platform.  Once you get that, things become A LOT clearer.  Because (and this is the good news) if Pinterest is a Search Engine then the pins you make are here to stay 🙂  


They have the potential to be searched for and found for many years to come.  It’s not like other Social Media platforms that rely on your audience seeing your content at that moment when you post it and if you’re lucky you get a few likes and shares and that’s it.  Although Pinterest also includes that element, it is definitely not the be-all and end all of that beautiful pin you created.


Secondly, Pinterest is kind of following along in Google’s footsteps.  Although to tell you the truth I don’t think Pinterest knows what it wants to be when it grows up… Google, Instagram, YouTube……. But whichever one it is it’s most definitely looking for high-quality pins and high-quality content on your website.  


What does all of this mean for us Pinterest Marketers today?  



It means that you can no longer rely on beautiful pins alone to get you that traffic.  It needs to be a combination of great fresh content and beautiful fresh pins, as well as some serious keyword research for your pin description which is working behind the scenes to get you seen.  You also need to be constantly making new pins that lead back to the amazing content you’ve created.


Yes, Pinterest wants to make its users experience the best it can be.  And they can do that by providing the Pinterest user with beautiful quality pins and quality content.  


As this is a relatively new concept for Pinterest I believe that it’s presently testing it’s new technology to find that quality content and sometimes it makes mistakes and isn’t 100% accurate, which for the Pinterest Marketer can be very frustrating because a website can be marked as ‘spammy’ when actually it’s a very decent website which is producing high-quality content.


But when you keep at it and you show Pinterest that you are a serious Marketer or Blogger, eventually their systems and algorithms will get that and they’ll recognize you for the long haul and will even help you reach more people and consequently get more traffic.  Once you become one of Pinterest’s ‘trusted’ sites and you give them the quality that they’re looking for, the whole ball game changes.


Here at Digitally Approved we work with and have tested scores of sites and seen that the slow, long haul, excellent quality approach works the best. Along with a fair share of patience 😉  By constantly pinning beautiful new pins that lead back to beautifully created content you can be pretty sure that the ‘hamster wheel’ will produce the results that you are looking for.  


Digitally Approved Case Studies 


We have seen beautifully designed pins that took between 20-40 weeks to ‘take off’, just like the well known Google sandpit in a way.  But when they do take off they can bring you a ton of great quality traffic that will leave you feeling glad you didn’t throw in the towel.


Take this site for example:



The progress made here was simply from being consistent in creating high quality pins with the right SEO pin descriptions as well as the site itself having high quality content.  No hocus pocus, no black hat SEO tricks, just very good quality pins and content and a great pinning strategy.


Or this one for example:




The blue line is this year and the orange line last year.  And this is only the beginning because this site has a ton of great quality content to share.


And this one that is constantly getting more than 1500 click-throughs a day:



Yes! all of the above examples are actual clicks through to the site.  No vanity metrics at all.


To Sum It Up

As you can see Pinterest is still working 🙂  And can most definitely get you that organic traffic you’ve been dreaming of.


The fact is that if you’re a blogger, an entrepreneur or a small business owner, and you haven’t yet discovered the power of Pinterest, then you’re missing out on traffic, leads and income!


Yes. We know it’s very time consuming, and the learning curve is a big one. You simply can’t do everything by yourself when you have so many other things you need to do to invest in your business. As the saying goes, “you can do anything, but you can’t do everything!”


So if you’re struggling with juggling it all then it’s time to check out our very reasonable packages at, the only place where you’ll find a package that includes pin design and pin descriptions. 


Let us help you get on the Pinterest bandwagon without the hassle of doing everything yourself.