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Clarify Your Messaging with this Time-tested Framework (+ Free Template)

Ever been confused by someone’s website?

Like figuring out what they actually do?

Yeah, me too.

Clarity is arguably the most important aspect to your brand messaging.

If you can’t convey a concise message that makes sense to the reader, then you will lose them to your competitors.

People don’t want to THINK MORE to figure out your offer or why they should buy from you…

People want to want to THINK LESS!

They don’t shop for products to be led down a rabbit hole of useless information and meaningless jargon.

People want the best and most relevant option to jump out in front of them and say: “This is what we sell, this is how it will help you, and this is how easy it is to buy and use.”

For some, this is refreshing enough to buy from you immediately, without looking at the competition — assuming you have a great offer, of course 😉


Your audience is always asking themselves:

    1. What exactly do you offer?
    2. How will it make my life better?
    3. Why should I buy it from you?
    4. What do I need to do to buy it?

If you want to win, you need to be able to answer these questions clearly — on your website, in your marketing materials, on your phone calls, in your emails… everywhere!


Donald Miller’s StoryBrand BrandScript

In his book, Building a StoryBrand, Donald Miller outlines a “BrandScript” framework for developing a clear and simple marketing strategy with clear brand messaging.

The book takes you through the process of creating a “BrandScript” for your business.

Miller’s framework forces you to be disciplined about who you are speaking to, what their challenges are, what messaging to use, and how to clearly convey it.

Using the age-old storytelling structure, The Hero’s Journey, Miller presents a simple way you can write powerful brand messaging for your business.

It’s an incredibly straightforward process, and it can transform your message into something your audience resonates with.

…so they feel confident buying from you.


Get This Easy-to-Use BrandScript Template

We’ve put together a simple template in Google Slides that will help you create a BrandScript for your business in no time.

It includes guiding questions to help you with each answer — a mix of our own notes and key questions from Miller’s book.

Enter your best email below and get instant access to our practical BrandScript Template. It’ll take you to a Google Slides page that asks if you want to make a copy of the document — just click “Make a Copy” and you’re ready to go.