Pinterest Auditing Service 


The world of Pinterest is ever-changing, which can make it difficult for content creators to keep up with. That is why we have introduced a Pinterest auditing service that focuses on keeping Pinterest accounts up to date, in line with terms of service, and ranking at the top of the Pinterest platform.


Pinterest is more than a social media platform. It can be a great marketing tool that will drive sales and views on your main website if used correctly. That is where we come in. We can evaluate your Pinterest account and give you fast advice on how to take your account to the next level. 


What We Audit

In order for your Pinterest account to do well, your account needs to be optimized on every level. 


We have experts on our team that are dedicated to improving every aspect of your Pinterest Account. Everything from your pins to your profile is connected. If one of the loops in your Pinterest chain isn’t performing, it can drag your account down. These are some of the things that we review to stop this from happening to you:


Pin Descriptions 

Our team will evaluate your pin descriptions and give you specific things to work on to take the descriptions to the next level.



Are your pins attractive and eye-catching? We know how to make your pins stand out in the crowd so that users click on your images instead of the competition. It’s not just about standing out though, we also know how to find what people in your niche are looking for. What do they want out of a Pinterest experience?



Having a collection of well-organized boards is vital for your users. Let us teach you the dos and don’ts of Pinterest boards. 


Optimized Profile 

What does your profile say about you? We want your Pinterest profile to give the right impression. 

Benefits of Pinterest Auditing 

Just like Pinterest users are forever evolving, so is the content that they are looking for. Managing your Pinterest account and keeping up with the latest trends and guidelines is a full-time job in itself, and if you don’t have the time or the resources to do this, you will find that your account becomes dated very quickly. 


Our Pinterest experts are always on the lookout for what is ranking well in Pinterest, and we develop strategies that will allow you to freshen up your content and stay competitive. We do the legwork so that you have more time to focus on getting new and exciting content together for your audience.


If you feel like your Pinterest account has hit a plateau, having your account audited will help identify what you have been doing wrong. By making just a few tweaks to your account, you will see your impressions increase, engagement and engagement rates rise, and how many saves your content is getting will increase, as well as many other metrics. 


Frequent Pinterest auditing will keep your account competitive. Having your account audited every so often will keep your workload down as it helps you stay on top of Pinterest maintenance. 


Sometimes, working online can take away the human element that customers miss when searching the web. Pinterest is the human element that connects your customers to you. Having a well-audited page will keep you looking human and approachable in front of your audience, and we know how you should do this. 


So let the dedicated team at Digitally Approved help audit your Pinterest account now and get ready to take your Pinterest marketing to the next level.