About DigitallyApproved

We are part of the Onfolio family, created by the core Onfolio team.

Through Digitallyapproved, we focus on everything Social Media Marketing.

Created out of demand from our clients

After a lot of repeated success running Pinterest accounts for our own sites, we created this service to meet increasing demand from our audience and clients.

We can set up a new Pinterest business account

Or help you scale an existing account

We can identify areas for you to improve your own efforts

Or do it all for you

Expertise in Key
Social Media Verticals


This is our core area of expertise and where we add the most value.


Some of our properties also have very large followings on Facebook – hard to do these days.

Business growth

The whole point of what we do is to grow your business.

Email newsletter

We also created the Social Media Marketing Weekly newsletter to share our learnings with you

Functional Aspect of Social Media Marketing

There are ways to do SMM well…and ways to do it not so well.

Niche Research

With all niche research, but particularly on social media, you need to find out where the audience hangs out, and what they're talking about.

Data Analytics

Let the data help inform your research and future decisions. The answers usually lie in the numbers.

Unique Quality Content

This is the fundamental ingredient to a successful social media strategy - in fact, ANY marketing strategy. Good, quality, unique content that speaks to your audience.

Cross Promotion

You shouldn't just rely on one channel - your audience don't! The key is to have a holistic approach to social media marketing, and be everywhere, with the right message and format.

Commonly Asked Questions

Here’s where you can learn more about us

Onfolio.co are a holding company that buy, build, grow and operate Internet businesses. As such, Social Media Marketing is a key part of what we do.

We have oodles of experience that we’re keen to share with you.

We wanted both an area where we could offer some of our SMM services, and an outlet where we could share our findings, case studies, and knowledge in the sphere.

Reach out to us via the Contact Page…or on Social Media 🙂